As a full service scuba shop, we provide service to the Ark-La-Tex with superior Scuba Training, CPR/AED training, Travel and much more. We opened the doors on our new facility in June of 2005 and our customers have made it a success. Offering PADI Training, we teach scuba that is recognized world wide as the best. Our primary operation is scuba, teaching recreational level as well as public safety diving programs. All in all, we offer water skills training of all types with skilled instruction by highly qualified instructors so we may help our customers have an enjoyable experience in whatever water experience they choose.

Red River Scuba has the goal of being

TRANSFORMATION, we transform the every day life into a fun and exhilarating lifestyle. Scuba is in a class all its own. A buddy style sport that takes you to places all over the world, or right in your own back yard. Providing you with experiences that pictures can only begin to describe and tales you can only understand if you have been there!


Get Ready!┬áHang on!┬áLet’s go dive!

6 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. A teacher recommended Red River Scuba for basic swimming lessons for children. Do you still offer these? I have two 8 year olds and a 5 year old and want lessons for all 3. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for asking Amanda. We sold the facility in which we did swim lessons in January and no longer offer them.

    1. Discover scuba is designed for ages 10 and up. The course is operated through the LSUS program and I believe they have a cost of $50 for a 3 hour program.

  2. I am wondering if you guys give classes for lifeguard certification. I am wanting to be a lifeguard this summer and I am trying to find a place were I can get certified.

    1. Hello Kristin! We no longer offer life guard training. As far as I know the Shreveport Chapter of the American Red Cross is no longer offering either. I do know LSUS has perhaps 2 classes scheduled to take place for these training programs. You might check with them.

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