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Is Victoria B.C.’s unbuilt sewage plant the biggest boondoggle in human history?

In 1966, the local governments of Victoria, B.C. hired Canada-wide Associated Engineering and a team of international scientists and engineers to build them a sewage treatment plant for $175,000,000. Associated completed the plant in 1982, on time and on budget. The plant functions perfectly. If human beings were rational, Victoria, sewage-wise, could have lived happily for many years after Continue reading

The Unconstructive criticism (cynicism) of H. L. Mencken

American society — from time to time lets self-importance interfere with its natural sense of nothing-is-sacred humour. No American has ever had the guts and talent to make fun of American society as well as Henry Lewis Mencken the Baltimore Sun Reporter who America crowned the “Sage of Baltimore”. Continue reading