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Will Justin Trudeau keep his common-sense promise to save Victoria taxpayers $1.3 billion

In 2012, Justin Trudeau promised to save Victoria, B.C. from spending $1.3 billion to replace its perfectly functioning sewage plant

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The Draft? Should every young person serve their country for two years?

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

Field Marshall Gabriel Dumont

The University of Manitoba and the Canadian Department of National Defense have discovered that Canada recruits soldiers from troubled backgrounds. Recruited soldiers are mercenary soldiers. As Field Marshall The Duke of Wellington said of his mercenaries: Continue reading

The Sit-On-Your-Hands Rule— Obama’s January 12 State of the Nation Address

Confederate/Ku Klux Klan flag

Last night President Barak Obama spoke to both houses of the U.S. Congress — his yearly “State of the Nation” speech. Even Republican Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina called Obama’s speech “eloquent” — U.S. Republicans chose Ms. Haley to officially rebut the President. But … Continue reading

Union Power lost on the 19th Hole of The Calgary Golf and Country Club

golfer_-_cartoon_CoolClips_peop2518[1]If you go to the city of Washington, you will find that almost all of those corporation lawyers and cowardly politicians, members of congress, and mis-representatives of the masses claim, in glowing terms, that they have risen from the ranks to places of eminence and distinction. I am very glad that I cannot make that claim for myself. I would be ashamed to admit that I had risen from the ranks. When I rise it will be with the ranks.” – Eugene V. Debs
Rumour has it that the Calgary Golf and Country Club has opened its doors to union bosses.Where are yesteryear’s John L. Lewis who regularly shamed mining companies into paying a decent wage; Walter_Reuther who, his face beaten to a pulp, won the Battle of the Overpass over Henry Ford’s thugs in 1937; Big Bill Haywood who Clarence Darrow saved from the gallows on a trumped-up charge; and Mother Jones, who organized a Children’s Crusade that ended the exploitation of U.S. children. The bosses now run their unions like the Board of Directors of the Canadian Imperial Bank runs that financial hocus-pocus. I can tell you one thing — playing golf and fighting the union fight don’t mix. The union bosses seem to think becoming respectable middle-classers is more important than looking after their members — the plutocrats are playing them like fiddles … Did you see union bosses leading demonstrations outside the Royal Bank when that bastion of Canadian job creation tried to export more jobs to India? Did they organize a crippling boycott of Loblaws when Loblaws’s subcontractors murdered 1,127 workers in Bangledesh?

In the last 15 years union bosses have perfected their golf swings while over 10% of their members headed for the hills. Only 18% of private sector workers still belong to unions — only 9% can still count on a guaranteed pension.


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Obama — Do Nice Guys Finish Last?


Recently U.S. Vice President Joe Biden had to admit to President Barak Obama that Biden was going to sell his family home to pay his son Beau’s medical expenses and the cost of looking after Beau’s family. Blurted out Obama, without hesitating “I’ll [personally] give you the money. Whatever you need, I’ll give you the money. Don’t [sell the house], Joe, promise me. Promise me …” But is Obama a real leader? Continue reading

A “balanced budget” — Did Mr. Harper really believe in this sacred piece of cow poop?

A century ago North Americans believed the “balanced budget” myth. But Franklin Delano Roosevelt and The New Deal got rid of that myth. Otherwise we’d still be stuck in the Great Depression.

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